Town of Scriba   Water Department




On November 6th, 2017, The Town of Scriba Water Dept. will be closing out their books and reporting unpaid water accounts to Oswego County Real Property for collection.  Any unpaid water charges as of that date will be added to property taxes.


Water & Facilities Director:   

Jody Gigon

315-342-6894 (Office)

315-592-1859 (Cell)

Water & Facilities Clerk:

Jamie McConnell


Water Billing Clerk:

Megan Colloca



To better serve the public our office hours are:


 7:30AM - 4:00PM 

Monday - Friday

Emergency Contact Number


(Enter prompt # 3 for the on call  technician phone #)

The Town of Scriba Water Dept. would like to notify our Water Customers of the following Water Meter Policy Change:

 We have recently been made aware, by our Water Meter Provider, that when a Water Meter freezes and/or a Freeze Plate breaks, the intricate parts within the Meter Base become damaged causing the meter to read inaccurately or become unreadable.  Therefore, starting January 2014 if you find yourself in this situation, it is our policy that a Water Dept. Operator will come to your home to do a Meter Base Replacement at a cost of $120. This amount can be added to your quarterly water bill.  

Please do not bypass this process.

Contact our office at 342-6894 to schedule an appointment.


Some pictures from services we have had to perform.

View from our Route 176 Storage Tank